Getting off-topic with posts

I realize fewer of my posts have been PF-related, not that I was truly in the habit of offering information or advice — usually it was just a comment on a news item or a commentary about something financial in nature.

But I enjoy writing in general about other things in my life, money-saving ideas like coupon-clipping, shopping sales, and doing projects around the house yourself, like reupholstery or making your own cleaning products. And much to Mr. Saver’s chagrin, I did pick up a penny I found outside today. I will continue to pick up loose change if I see it, haha.

I am also holding out for another sale on the curtains I got at JCPenney a few weeks ago. I underestimated how many curtains I would need. Filling out the treatment around this huge dining room window will take another two valances, a pair of drapes and another pair of sheers. It’s been tough waiting, but it also allows me to save up the money to get them so I don’t feel guilty about putting them on the credit card this time!

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