LOL for the day; weekend plans

I don’t have any plans for this weekend that include any projects around the house, unless I find some time to get the glue off the walls in the kitchen. I’m trying to pick out a new countertop and backplash, which has provided to be more difficult that I could have imagined. Too many choices! Thanks to the in-laws, who are funding that venture as our housewarming gift from them.

Today will include a trip to Kohl’s with my 30% off coupon and extra $10 the purchase (which CAN be used together, woot). I do have to use my Kohl’s credit card to get the discount, but I will pay that balance in full when the bill comes next month. I unfortunately need another pair or two of capris to get me through this season. The zipper broke on my denim pair and my sewing machine can’t handle punching through the fabric (and I think it would look a mess if I replaced the zipper). Then, my lightweight white pair ripped on me in the washer, then after I sewed up that minor hole, ripped when I put them on yesterday and then bent down — embarassing, but at least I was still home! So hopefully there will be capris on clearance since all the fall stuff is in the stores now.

Later today we have a BBQ celebrating a friend’s graduation from the police academy (congrats!) and tomorrow has been labeled a beach day.

The weather is supposed to be beautiful here in the NYC metro area for the next four days — go out and enjoy it!

LOL for the day:
Talk about a generation gap. According to a report on the Huffington Post website, two police officers in Long Branch, NJ, in their early- to mid-20s, were called by a resident who reported a strange man wandering the neighborhood, a few blocks from the beach where the usual tourists stay. When the cops asked the wandering man his name, he replied: Bob Dylan. They asked for ID. He said he didn’t have any. The officers escorted him back to where he was staying, where tour staff vouched for him — no doubt explaining the musician/singer’s body of work!

It really was Bob Dylan, and these cops had NO IDEA who he is. None!

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