My latest project: Chair upholstery

I’ve had my grandmother’s old swivel/rocking chair at my father’s house for years. It was a product of the 70s, with its orange velour material. After more than three decades, it’s still in good shape, but needed a makeover, don’t you think?

With a staple gun, some material and a needle and thread, I transformed it into this:

I even made a zippered cover for the seat cushion:

It’s not perfect — there’s a seam at the front of the cushion, and I need to acquire a curved needle to finish tacking down the material in a few places to attach it where the staple gun wouldn’t work because there was no framing — but I think it came out pretty well for a knock-around chair.

I got a “new” piece of furniture for about $20 worth of upholstery material. Pretty sweet deal, if you ask me!

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