Progress in the kitchen

Another exciting Friday night in the Rainy-Day Saver household. I just removed the rest of the ugly orange floral wallpaper in the kitchen, the portion that was left about the cabinets.

Here’s what a piece of the old wallpaper looked like:

And here’s one of the walls, covered in glue:

I just used a solution of hot water and white vinegar in a spray bottle to soak the wallpaper, and after a minute or two, used a wide putty knife to easily pull it off.

Unfortunately, a friend and I initially just yanked the floor-to-ceiling strips of wallpaper, which came off fairly clean but left all that glue underneath. When I used the hot water and vinegar spray, the glue stayed on the paper when I peeled it off. So now I have to remove the rest of the glue from the walls. The solution helps, but it’s taking a while. I’ll finish that up over the weekend.

Then we get to decide what color to paint the walls. We’re getting a new sink and countertop, a housewarming gift from my in-laws, and I’d like to go with something that’s got blue, beige and black specks in it to pull the colors in the room together — the appliances are black, the cabinets are a medium warm brown and the linoleum is off-white. Once that stuff is done, I may put down new tile in the kitchen, too.

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