The blue painter’s tape is back

I spent some time taping up around the wood trim in the kitchen in preparation for the two coats of primer I’m going to be putting on the walls. Right now, the un-wallpapered walls are getting to me. At least the white primer will let me pretend the walls are painted.

This weekend I plan to get some pricing on countertops. At Home Depot today, the choices were Formica ($23/sq.ft. & up; 1-year warranty); Silestone Quartz ($61/sq.ft. & up; 15-year warranty) and granite ($64/sq.ft. & up; 15-year warranty). The pricing includes installation, but not the edges, which are $16 or so per linear foot. We have 30 square feet of countertop and need cutouts for both the sink and a cooktop.

I feel like if we’re going to replace the Formica that’s already there, there is not point in just replacing it with more Formica. Booorrring. Why not spend nearly three times as much?

And don’t forget the backsplash — but that’s something I could do myself.

In other house news, I “fixed” the garage door. It was set up with an automatic opener, but it didn’t work. First of all, neither I nor Mr. Saver noticed IT WASN’T PLUGGED IN (geniuses we are, I tell ya), and I also found that the bracket wasn’t connected to either the gear shaft or the door. Once I did that, the sucker opened and closed at the touch of a button. The other issue with that is the lock my brother put on the garage door is now unnecessary unless we want to use it as an extra security measure. And we can’t open the garage from the outside since there’s no “clicker” for the door. Oh well. Beggars can’t be choosers, right?

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