Weekend accomplishments

The past few days have been pretty busy!

Bridal shower success
I helped pull off a surprise bridal shower for a good friend this Saturday, and I made sugar cookies with royal icing as part of the favors. My reasoning was twofold: I wanted to do something personal for the bride, and also save us some money as bridesmaids.

Boy, did I not realize what I was getting into! Thank goodness I had actually baked the heart-shaped sugar cookies on Wednesday night. On Friday, I made some pretty pink icing and then proceeded to ice about 120 cookies. Once they were dry, I packaged them with plastic wrap, which I then covered with a pink tulle circle and tied with hot-pink ribbon.

Here’s a picture of the cookies — silly me didn’t take pictures of the finished product, and I ate my cookies last night. :X

Priming the kitchen
I couldn’t go one more day living with the wallpaper-less walls in the kitchen. The paper and glue had stained the plaster, leaving a gross orangey color on the walls. I took care of that today with two coats of Killz white latex primer. The kitchen looks so much brighter now, and it will get us through the next month or two before we’re ready to do the countertops and backsplash.

Note how much MORE filthy the linoleum looks. That does it — it’s gotta go, too! Eventually…

We’re still mulling around having the front door replaced, and decided to wait until November to do the countertops. We’ve been able to sock away $1,000 monthly in addition to our 401(k)s, in addition to putting $500-$600 toward credit card debt. Mr. Saver’s two high-interest cards will be officially paid off in another 3 weeks. I’m a fan of paying off the highest-interest cards first, regardless of balance). Then, the rest of the balances, on two low-interest (1.99% promo rate on one and 9.9% on the second) will disappear quickly. Hope to be back to credit-card-debt-free by February or so!

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