Fall Plants & Doorknockers

Strange title, but that sums up what I’ve been up to. I decided our front lawn — which desperately needs a mow, Mr. Saver, ahem — needed some color and sprucing up. So I bought some mums that are just starting to bloom and put them out. Two big ones with red flowers are at […]

401(k) Investment Strategies

If your 401(k) took a huge hit thanks to the recent recession (some would argue it was a depression), you’re not alone. Employees across the country saw their retirement savings balances dwindle — and some panicked, moving their money out of their 401(k) accounts and into much more conservative investments like CDs and savings bonds.

But did […]

Sorting Through the Crap

While I didn’t accomplish everything on my to-do list this weekend, I did make some headway. Got a bit of a game plan going in terms of how to tackle the upstairs ‘hunting lodge’ and need to pick up some things at Home Depot. We helped some good friends move, and spent minimal $$$ this […]

Weekend To-Do List

There are a lot of things I’d like to accomplish this weekend (besides catching up on sleep). I bought more curtains for the dining room to fill it out, since they were finally on sale again (buy one, get one 50% off). But they didn’t have the valances in my color, so I will still […]

Time to Write Out the Thank-You Cards

Picked up the thank-you cards from the photographer. I know I’ve been running behind on this (it’s been five months since our wedding), but I’m ready to attack them this week. Hopefully I will have them all finished this weekend and sent out. Of course, this means I have to go buy about five books […]

Conversations about money

Happy first day of fall! Although here in the Northeast, summer barely appeared. I only got in two beach days, boo.

Yesterday was technically a no-spend day for me, thanks to my pre-paid Visa card. At the grocery store, though, I discovered I cut out the wrong week’s $5 off the order coupon, which made […]

Tagged: 10 things about me

Frugal Dreamer tagged me in her post, 10 Things About Me. Seems like a pretty good way to get to know my fellow bloggers, so I’ll give it a whirl and try to come up with interesting stuff.

1. I absolutely must read while eating a meal. I can’t just sit there, especially if I’m […]

A good weekend

As the pictures shows, Mr. Saver and I had a pretty good weekend (although I did *not* partake of the beer in the quantity of these overlarge steins). We attended an Oktoberfest in Vernon on Saturday, which was a lot of fun and reasonably priced. There was no charge for parking or admission, and […]

Friday morning happiness

Not only is it Friday and the end of the work week, but my 401(k) is up 30%! Very exciting, after last year’s disastrous 40% plunge. Not that I’m anywhere near retirement age… *sigh*.

How is everyone else doing with their 401(k)s?

I’ve also read that the nation’s household net worth increased. Although economy […]

Next house project

We’re putting the new kitchen countertop on the backburner for the time being. Instead, we’ll be moving full-speed ahead with the second floor renovation.

The crazy knotty pine walls HAVE TO GO! I cannot stand looking at them any longer, although Mr. Saver and even his aunt like the look. Personally, I don’t dig the […]