$150 from Verizon FIOS

Sweet — we received our $150 Visa prepaid card on Friday. The promotional package for Verizon FIOS, at the time we go the service in June, included the promise of this $150 card once two months of paid-in-full service was completed. Not only did we get a pretty good deal for phone/Internet/TV and 2 years of locked-in pricing, this card was a nice bonus to look forward to.

Subsequent promotions included things like a mini-notebook (which might have come in handy once this computer finally gives up the ghost; it’s slowly going after 6 years), but we’re more than happy with the “cash.” It will pay for 2 or 3 trips to the grocery store, saving us some money in the next few weeks.

No, you can’t get cash from it, so there is no way to put it into the savings account — but I plan to push the $150 we would have used over from checking to savings, just the same.

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