August was an expensive month

Besides our newly acquired mortgage, we had a few out-of-the-ordinary expenses for the month:

— Mr. Saver’s fantasy football league
— A bridal shower & gift for a dear friend
— My brother’s birthday dinner & gift
— A baby shower & gift for my cousin’s wife
— A weedwacker for our yard

September should be a lighter month. Mr. Saver will be mostly watching football (heaven help me) and following the aforementioned fantasy football league (actually, he’s in THREE leagues, but only one involved $$$). We don’t have any social obligations on the horizon until October, when there will be bachelor/ette parties and a wedding to attend.

Meanwhile, Mr. Saver continues to drag his feet when it comes to mowing the lawn, but it is saving us money to do it ourselves rather than have a landscape service come. We have yet to set up the weedwacker, though. That will probably get done this weekend, along with the mowing and hedge-trimming.

The good news is that the grass on our front lawn has grown in well. The bad news is that I apparently “woke up” some old weeds when I pulled out the nasty ones and tilled the soil. But these new weeds appear to be some sort of ground cover — they grow sideways, like ivy. Perhaps I should just let it take over the slope so we won’t have to mow or weedwack the grass there…

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