Christmas is coming

Yeah, I said it. The “C” word. Why not? In the past week, I’ve already heard more than one person talk about starting their Christmas shopping. Soon, the airwaves will be inundated with commercials hawking this or that must-have item. And don’t forget the luxury car ads where a loved one is surprised with a brand-new automobile topped with a humongous bow.

Frankly put, Christmas puts too many people even more into debt because they think they need to give the latest gadget or gizmo as a gift to impress someone. Or they’re just going overboard and super-generous with money that they don’t really have in hand.

Mr. Saver and I have already decided we’ll just buy each other one “good” gift with a set amount of money as yet to be determined. And by “good,” we mean nothing like socks and underwear!

We’ll also be sticking to a budget for gifts for the rest of the family. Not only thing is to be put on a credit card — we’re talking cold, hard cash (or a warm debit card!) only.

So as we figure out what our budget will allow us to spend, and stick to it, how early do you start your holiday shopping? Do you stick to a budget, or just spend ’til you drop? Ponder those questions while you dodge the Christmas decorations that are already appearing in stores this week!

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