Fall Plants & Doorknockers

Strange title, but that sums up what I’ve been up to. I decided our front lawn — which desperately needs a mow, Mr. Saver, ahem — needed some color and sprucing up. So I bought some mums that are just starting to bloom and put them out. Two big ones with red flowers are at the top of our lower front stairs, and three smaller ones with purple blooms are lining the upper stairs. I also got some “hardy pansies” (doesn’t that sound odd/oxymoron-ish?) and planted them around the tree in our front yard.

Some pictures:

My favorite part of the day has to be removing the last “Polish eagle” from the house. Again, I’m part Polish, so I understand the significance. But they were EVERYWHERE! The last one was the big, heavy, metal doorknocker on the front door. I removed that today:

Just a small project — there’s still lots more to do around here.

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