Good news for New Jerseyans this winter

According to a blurb on, the state’s utility regulators have voted to reduce natural gas rates, effective immediately, due to reduced consumption and demand.

This means a savings of $262 to $477 per household this … actually, it doesn’t say the period of time over which the savings will occur. Would be nice to think it’s just the winter, right?

It will definitely help now that we have an entire house to heat. Our heating system is forced-air heat, which is a step up from the ancient furnace and inefficient radiator heat we had in our poorly insulated apartment last year. But the bummer is that our furnace is also ancient. As in original to the house. That’s 1950 original.

But our home inspector had said the furnace is actually better insulated than newer models, something about two layers of exterior metal, and to keep it as long as possible. However, we’d like to put in a digital, programmable thermometer to help regulate the heat by time.

Perhaps we won’t need our trusty electric/oil space heater this year… Or maybe we still use it at night in the bedroom and turn the house heat off at night? We’ll figure out what saves us the most money without us freezing our tushies off.

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