New mailbox

Mr. Saver has been gentle suggesting to me that he was in fear of someone pinching his coveted red Netflix when they’re delivered, due to the small mailbox that “came” with the house. They would stick out, and forget about magazines and fliers — those went on the hooks underneath, out in the elements.

The pre-existing mailbox and the house numbers were both in a state, anyway — someone thought it would be a good idea to paint over them all to make them white. Were they so old that they didn’t come in white or plastic? Who knows. All I know is that the mailbox was a hunk of metal.

So I took a trip to trusty local Home Depot and bought a big white mailbox and some new, reflective house numbers. The numbers aren’t white, but that’s okay. And let me tell you, it’s incredible how hard it is to put short nails into aluminum siding :::grumble grumble:::

It’s definitely an overall improvement, IMHO. Little steps!

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