Next house project

We’re putting the new kitchen countertop on the backburner for the time being. Instead, we’ll be moving full-speed ahead with the second floor renovation.

The crazy knotty pine walls HAVE TO GO! I cannot stand looking at them any longer, although Mr. Saver and even his aunt like the look. Personally, I don’t dig the “hunting lodge” look.

Columbus Day weekend, we’ll be ripping down the pine paneling, removing the ferring strips and ceiling tiles, then raising the ceiling from 7 feet to 8 feet, moving the light fixtures from the walls to the ceiling and putting up sheetrock in the two upstairs bedrooms. I’m hoping we can do both rooms in the three days — at least the sheetrock part. Then we’ll hire a taper, and do the painting and the trim at our leisure. My brother will be providing the power tools, and he and my dad will be lending a hand (or two).

Here’s what the two rooms look like, as of now:

After those rooms, there’s still the hallway and the full bathroom, both of which are covered with pine. The bathroom is L-shaped, thanks to a walk-in closet that cuts into the room. While it’s nice to have the big closet, the bathroom is rendered almost unusable because it’s so cramped. I’d like to make the closet smaller, bust the bathroom open, get all new fixtures, and sheetrock/tile the walls and floor. That’s a bit more $$$, so it will likely be a project that doesn’t get done until early next year. Meanwhile, we have another full bathroom on the first floor that is just fine.

The upstairs bathroom:

Everyone finds it so funny that I enjoy home improvement. I suppose it’s just that even if I’ve never done a particular project before, I just put my mind to it, do my homework, and jump right in.

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