Good news for New Jerseyans this winter

According to a blurb on, the state’s utility regulators have voted to reduce natural gas rates, effective immediately, due to reduced consumption and demand.

This means a savings of $262 to $477 per household this … actually, it doesn’t say the period of time over which the savings will occur. Would be nice to […]

How to shave years off your mortgage

It’s not exactly magic, but it is magical: Making extra principal payments on your mortgage will cut down on the number of payments you have AND save money on interest.IMPORTANT: Before making extra payments, be sure your mortgage agreement doesn’t include penalties for pre-payment. Luckily, ours has a no-prepayment penalty clause. Rock on.

When we bought […]

$150 from Verizon FIOS

Sweet — we received our $150 Visa prepaid card on Friday. The promotional package for Verizon FIOS, at the time we go the service in June, included the promise of this $150 card once two months of paid-in-full service was completed. Not only did we get a pretty good deal for phone/Internet/TV and 2 years […]


Before I go on: Today is the 8th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on our country. Please take a moment to reflect and remember those who perished.

After seeing a lot of personal finance blogs (such as Beachgirl’s Budget Blog) referencing something called “snowflaking,” I decided it was finally time to find out what […]

Voracious reader? Try swapping books

If you’re like me, you love to read. I’ve run through two 400-pagers this past week alone — and that’s a slow week for me once I’m in “reading mode.”

But I hate to buy brand-new books, especially when aside from a few well-loved classics, they’ll never be read a second time. Most new books […]

New mailbox

Mr. Saver has been gentle suggesting to me that he was in fear of someone pinching his coveted red Netflix when they’re delivered, due to the small mailbox that “came” with the house. They would stick out, and forget about magazines and fliers — those went on the hooks underneath, out in the elements.

The pre-existing […]

Happy Labor Day

I’ll soon be at work, laboring like it’s a usual Monday. But I managed to have some fun during my normal two-day weekend, with a few BBQs and friends. I’m hoping I can get a burger or a dog from the in-laws’ BBQ before I have to go in to work today.

Aside from a quick […]

August was an expensive month

Besides our newly acquired mortgage, we had a few out-of-the-ordinary expenses for the month:

— Mr. Saver’s fantasy football league— A bridal shower & gift for a dear friend— My brother’s birthday dinner & gift— A baby shower & gift for my cousin’s wife— A weedwacker for our yard

September should be a lighter month. Mr. Saver […]

Groceries are still under budget

While I don’t use a hard-and-fast budget for our expenses, I do follow a mental budget when it comes to food shopping. Groceries can easily take a chunk out of your funds, especially if you go to the store hungry (I’ve made this mistake before and paid dearly for it, literally).

In the past two months, […]

Christmas is coming

Yeah, I said it. The “C” word. Why not? In the past week, I’ve already heard more than one person talk about starting their Christmas shopping. Soon, the airwaves will be inundated with commercials hawking this or that must-have item. And don’t forget the luxury car ads where a loved one is surprised with a […]

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