Sorting Through the Crap

While I didn’t accomplish everything on my to-do list this weekend, I did make some headway. Got a bit of a game plan going in terms of how to tackle the upstairs ‘hunting lodge’ and need to pick up some things at Home Depot. We helped some good friends move, and spent minimal $$$ this weekend. Next weekend, however, Mr. Saver and I have bachelor/ette parties to attend, which should be fun.

I did clean the desk in our office — boy, was that a mess. Lots of coupons collected over the past few months, notes and all sorts of papers. Killed the shredder with paper overload and don’t particularly want to buy one right now. 

I straightened up the desk and then sorted and filed our paperwork (bills, receipts, etc.). My filing system is pretty mudane: toss all papers into one drawer, then eventually sort and file into the neat paperwork drawer.

I have years’ worth of bills and pay stubs that I’ve kept, along with copies of all our tax returns. Which leads me to this question: How long do you keep everything? I’ve heard pay stubs and tax-related papers for up to 7 years, and bills, well, I don’t know. I can’t imagine a utility bill from 2005 is ever going to become necessary. Some experts only recommend that the pay stubs need to be kept until your taxes are filed, but I don’t feel that’s long enough.

Next, I need to tackle the excessive amount of books I have in this place, and then start prying some knotty pine off the walls. The projects around the house are never-ending.

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