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Frugal Dreamer tagged me in her post, 10 Things About Me. Seems like a pretty good way to get to know my fellow bloggers, so I’ll give it a whirl and try to come up with interesting stuff.

1. I absolutely must read while eating a meal. I can’t just sit there, especially if I’m by myself. It could be the back of the cereal box for all I care, but it must have words on it.

2. Two things I’ve wanted since I was a little kid: My own home and children. Got the house a few months ago …

3. One of my neuroses: I have to eat food in size-order. Smallest fries first, largest ones last. Same goes for other bite-sized foods.

4. I don’t like movies and find it hard to sit through them. If someone does get me to sit down to watch a movie, I can easily get distracted and get up to do something more interesting, like, oh, washing the dishes.

5. I would be perfectly content being a stay-at-home mom and a housewife. While I enjoy my career, I would enjoy being home even more. Perhaps one day soon I can balance that with freelance work from home.

6. The word “exercise” isn’t in my vocabulary. As long as I’m within a healthy weight range, I don’t stress about it anymore. I’d rather eat the foods I enjoy than starve myself with a salad every day.

7. I see the things in absolutes, or in black and white, and have trouble accepting gray areas. Perhaps it’s part of my matter-of-fact attitude, which also precludes me from being creative.

8. I could watch or read the news all day long, if you let me. I think the news crawl on CNN is the greatest invention ever.

9. I love video games, but can’t play them often because I tend to get obsessed and lose track of time. Nothing would ever get done!

10. I’ve always enjoyed listening to friends’ problems and offering advice. I’ve also been known to speak my mind and give unsolicited advice, too!

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