Time to Write Out the Thank-You Cards

Picked up the thank-you cards from the photographer. I know I’ve been running behind on this (it’s been five months since our wedding), but I’m ready to attack them this week. Hopefully I will have them all finished this weekend and sent out. Of course, this means I have to go buy about five books of stamps, but I suppose I’ll have to deal with the always-long lines at the post office.

I also took the time yesterday to re-weed the front lawn. Seems when I pulled the weeds the first time–it was mainly one variety of weed–literally three or four new kinds of weeds took their place. I had tall weeds with little yellow flowers, sprawling ground-cover-style ones and plain-old green ones with broad leaves. They pretty much crowded out the grass seed I had put down. It took, but the weeds covered the new blades right up!

My brother cut down the silly “tree” in the backyard that was planted right in a corner up against the house (THANKS!). The homeowners insurance company said we had to get it away from the house as a condition of our policy. I also patched the concrete under the left-hand stair railing outside, so that should satisfy the insurer.

Other than that, it’s pretty much status quo around the house, until Project Get Rid of Knotty Pine gets off the ground in less than three weeks.

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