Saturday Link Love

It’s Saturday, and it’s Halloween. Time to sugar-up the little Trick-or-Treaters with candy and get our own costumes going. A lot of friends have been going to haunted houses and other Halloween-themed events, but I’m not into the scary stuff. I don’t even like to watch horror movies!

You know what’s REALLY scary? Our fridge […]

PSE&G Finally Caught Up With Us

It was bound to happen. The day we closed on the house, our utility provider, PSE&G, read the electric and gas meters. Well, read the gas incorrectly, it turned out. And it’s time to pay the piper.

Since moving in at the end of June, we only got one utility bill — $54, for 3 […]

Halloween Candy Is Not My Friend

After a trip to the doctor this morning — where I was further tortured thanks to my 1-hour holding pattern in the waiting room — I went straight to CVS to fill my prescriptions. Verdict was the flu and a sinus infection, by the way. Two comments that cracked me up the past two days: […]

Tips for Avoiding the Flu

Well, based on the fact that I slept until 2:30 in the afternoon yesterday, had a 101-degree fever, chills, headache, cold and extreme fatigue, I’m calling it as I see it – I’ve got the flu, again. Couldn’t get a doctor’s appointment yesterday afternoon, so I’m going this morning. Still feeling incredibly crappy, but with […]

Check Out My Guest Post Over at!

I’m happy to announce that my first guest post, “How to pay off your mortgage early (4 methods)” is up over at ChristianPF today. Thanks to Bob Lotich for featuring it. Readers, please check it out, he has a very informative site.

Making Progress

We haven’t had much time to work on the upstairs room, but I did start to put up the rafter vents. I did the lower portions of the roof, but we need to grab my father-in-law’s ladder to do the higher ones. And since I’m scared of heights, by “we” I mean not me!

Hopefully […]

Lower Your Interest Payments

Matt Jabs over at Debt Free Adventure has a thought-provoking post today — “How Much Interest Am I Paying? Hint… It’s Less.” That inspired me to total up the monthly interest payments on our debt.

1. Mortgage — This is the biggie. $1200/month to interest alone!2. Credit Card #1 — $10.91 this month3. Credit Card […]

Planning For the Future

No one knows what the future will bring. You could find yourself steadily working for 40 years and retired. You could be awash in debt. You could find yourself with a nice inheritance — or flat broke. That’s why it’s important to always watch your finances — not just in times of uncertainty.

Sure, we […]

Weekend of Fun

Mr. Saver and I are in our friends’ wedding tonight, and we’re so looking forward to it! It’s a shame the weather doesn’t plan to cooperate — rain, rain, rain all day. I may be a “rainy-day saver,” but I like my rainy days in the figurative, not literal, sense! Should be a minimal-spending […]

8 Ways to Save on Heating Bills

It’s that time of year again where I go off on my tangent about heating bills. We had a few days last week where the high temperatures were in the 40s and evening temps around 30 degrees, so it was time to fire up our furnace.

Our utility company has lowered prices compared to last […]