Bummed Out by Tacori Earrings

Yes, they are Tacori — but Tacori for QVC.

A few weeks ago, I explained how I lost my darned diamond hoop earring during Phase One of Operation Knotty Pine. Well, I decided that instead of gold-and-diamond earrings, I’d go with silver and cubic zirconia or something similar. Found a really cute pair of Tacori “huggie” hoop earrings (meaning they “hug” the earlobe, the way I wanted) on QVC.com for $88, in silver with a platinum overlay.

No way was I paying full retail price — I found a pair on eBay for $32.

They came in the mail, really quick shipping, and I couldn’t wait to wear them.

But I’m disappointed. While they’re pretty, they’re not the “huggie” style — they’re more like a small-to-medium-sized hoop. And they’re HEAVY, pulling on my earlobe. Bummer, dude.

Perhaps I may actually have to buy myself another pair of the hoops I originally had. I can perhaps sell some old gold jewelry I’m no longer fond of to make up some of the price!

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