Grocery shopping — from home?

ShopRite, the grocery store I go to 95% of the time started offering shop-from-home service for a year or so now. You “shop” online, selecting the products and foods you want, and the quantity. Your club card number is inputted, and you see the sale price, where applicable. Once your order is submitted, you’re given a pickup time range.

Once the store has your order, an employees puts together your order, going up and down the aisles gathering the requested items. You then go to the store’s “pick up” area, present any additional coupons and pay for your order, which is loaded into your car for you.

The fee for this? Ten bucks.

As you’ve probably figured out, I’m truly a do-it-yourself type of person. But in this case, grocery shopping at this particular store can been aggravating, due to the high volume of customers. And the wait at the deli counter can easily be 20 minutes, which is why I rarely get cold cuts, even though Mr. Saver and I both enjoy them.

For my twice-a-month shopping schedule, it would be an extra $20 per month (two shop-at-home orders at $10 each). We talked about it and agreed that I’ll give this a shot, starting this Tuesday. I’ll put in my order in the morning and arrange to pick it up in the afternoon. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll be sure to fill you in on the details, faithful readers.

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