Making Progress

We haven’t had much time to work on the upstairs room, but I did start to put up the rafter vents. I did the lower portions of the roof, but we need to grab my father-in-law’s ladder to do the higher ones. And since I’m scared of heights, by “we” I mean not me!

Hopefully we can finish up the venting and do the roof insulation this weekend, then start to dismantle the electrical in order to replace all the BX with Romex. I’d really like to get the room set by the holidays. I’ll still have to decide what color to paint the walls. It will temporarily be our bedroom, while we’re doing the other room, but it could also stay as our permanent bedroom — it’s the same size and shape as the other room, but only has two closets, instead of three (oh, the tragedy, I know… but I am a chick).

I have so many ideas for this house, but I have to remember that I also have plenty of time to accomplish everything.

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