My Metro Area Is In "Recovery" — How About Yours?

I came across an interesting chart yesterday that claims the “recession has ended” in 79 metro areas across the United States. and broke down the information into an interactive map that shows the states that are in expansion, recovery, at-risk and in recession — although as far as my half-blind eyes can see, all states fall into either the “recovery” or “in recession” categories.

Click on your state, and it breaks down the data for particular metro areas. Mine, the Newark-Elizabeth metro area, is one of 2 of New Jersey’s 10 metro areas said to be in recovery (sounds like an addict!). Interestingly enough, 3 of the NJ “metro areas” include portions of New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware. We just can’t have ANYTHING to ourselves, can we, my poor Garden State? It’s bad enough we have to share the Giants and the Jets, while NY is trying to steal the Nets. But that’s a sports post that you, dear readers, will never see.

With the Dow Jones Industrial Average topping 10,000 this week (and staying there the last two days), it certainly feels like things are looking up, economy-wise. But I think the real test will be how consumers spend this holiday season, and whether jobless claims and unemployment rates come down.

I can’t say I’ve been putting much money into the economy, and it’s looking to be a no-spend weekend, unless we can get moving on the electrical upstairs in our now-stripped spare room. With the nor’easter we’re getting, it will be the perfect opportunity for staying home, cleaning and cozying up with comfort food and maybe a movie or two. Whatever you do, have a great weekend!

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