New Look for Rainy-Day Saver

It’s been a long time coming, but a blog post over at Jessie’s Money finally got me to move on it. I had altered the look of Rainy-Day Saver earlier this year, trading the hard-to-read colorblock background for white, but I wasn’t really satisfied. So I’ve found a nice, clean template theme to make it easier to read and navigate around this blog. Hopefully, everything is place correctly. If not, please let me know by using the “Contact” button up in the navigation bar.

A little Saturday Link Love — posts that piqued my interest this week:
— J. Money @ BudgetsAreSexy‘s “So What If People Make Fun of Our Frugality” post is featured on MSN’s Smart Spending blog — and yours truly plays a small part in it. One of an ensemble cast, of course!
— Little House @ Little House in the Valley‘s post “Stocks Going Crazy…Is That a Sign the Economy is Improving?” wonders if the economy is officially in recovery mode, and hopes consumers have learned to, well, consume less.
— Frugal Dreamer @ Frugal Dreamer posted “Grocery Spending & Meal Planning,” which inspired me to think about planning and making our dinners in advance.
— And in the “things that make you go hmm” category is MoneyMateKate‘s “Indecent Proposal: We All Have a Price — What’s Yours.” It’s exactly what it sounds like — you do remember the infamous Robert Redford/Demi Moore flick by the same name, don’t you?

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