Optimal Grocery Shopping

I’ve decreased the frequency of my trips to the grocery store to once every two weeks. This allows me to still buy what we need and not spend as much. When I was shopping weekly, I averaged $60-$75 per trip. Biweekly, I’m only spending $100 — saving $40 to $100 monthly! I still buy all of our meat, fruit, bread and dairy, and only hardy produce such as peppers and onions. Other vegetables are purchased frozen.

Now, Mr. Saver would step in here and say, “She doesn’t go often enough!” But I make use of what’s in the pantry or fridge. If we’re out of something, I don’t just run out and buy it. I adapt a recipe or make something different. Out of granola bars? I’ll snack on some microwave popcorn or chips. I like to roll with the punches — Mr. Saver doesn’t. He’s not a big fan of rocking the food boat.

I think the savings we’re seeing on the grocery end is worth a little adjustment in our meals. Now, I’m going to go make a taylor ham, egg and cheese sandwich to bring for lunch!

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