Saturday Link Love

It’s Saturday, and it’s Halloween. Time to sugar-up the little Trick-or-Treaters with candy and get our own costumes going. A lot of friends have been going to haunted houses and other Halloween-themed events, but I’m not into the scary stuff. I don’t even like to watch horror movies!

You know what’s REALLY scary? Our fridge after me being sick for a week!

This looks like the fridge of a few bachelors I know. I haven’t gone food shopping or made a real meal all week, so Mr. Saver has had to fend for himself.

And don’t forget, daylight savings time starts late tonight. Turn back those clocks at 2 a.m. — those of you who will still be out partying at that time will love the “extra hour” you’ll be getting.

As for the links I liked this week, I’m going to try to do this every Saturday — but don’t get mad if I slip up now and then!

This Saturday’s links:

“Cash is king, but do you really spend less when you pay with it?” by Adam at Your Money Relationship.
He explores what’s “safest” when it comes to spending — cash, debit or credit.

“Lunch for under 2 bucks” by Little House at She breaks down how much her breakfast and lunch cost her, and it’s impressive. I can totally relate to that!

“What you lose when you cash out a 401(k)” by Miss M at She believes tapping your 401(k) for money is a mistake. Should it only be a last resort?

“How much interest am I paying? Hint… It’s less!” by Matt Jabs at Calculate how much you’re paying in interest on your debts, and you might be surprised by what you discover. Matt offers ways to reduce how much interest you’re paying each month.

“13 minutes to a lower cable bill” by Stacy Johnson at An example of how it’s possible to haggle with your service providers. Although I’ve never only spent 13 minutes on a call — being on hold takes at least that long, if not 30 minutes to an hour…

“How to pay off your mortgage early (4 methods)” — by me! — at It’s my first guest post, so I’m pretty proud of it. Find out how you can pay down your mortgage before the term is up.

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