Selling Gold to Jewelers — Good Idea?

Now that I’ve lost one of a pair of earrings, it renders the remaining earring useless. In fact, I have a few other earrings that have lost their mates over the years, and they’re made of gold or silver. Would selling them to a jeweler who wants the gold or diamonds be a good idea?

There are tons of commercials on TV right now advertising “Cash for gold!” or the like. One site in particular keeps popping up,, and I wonder if it’s a scam. Mailing your jewelry and then waiting for a check sounds like a scam waiting to happen, don’t you agree? One employee alleges this much on

1. Gold is at an all-time high right now.
2. You get money for something that is useless to you, but not to the jeweler.
3. It’s easy — bring the jewelry to the store, have the jeweler make you an offer. Then take it or leave it.

1. You won’t recoup your money. It’s like trading in a car to a dealership — you get less money than if you had sold it yourself.
2. What if the other earring makes an appearance after its mate is sold? That would absolutely shatter me.

I should go through my old jewelry and see what I’m willing to part with (nothing sentimental, obviously). I’d go to a brick-and-mortar jeweler in my area, though. Many are advertising that they’re buying old jewelry. It could put some money in my pocket for Christmas gifts… and clear out my way-too-small jewelry box. Or I could use the cash for a new pair of earrings. For the time being, I think I’ll stick with silver and cubic zirconia rather than white gold and diamonds *sigh*

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