Thinking and Cooking Ahead

I once knew a guy who would figure out the per-serving cost of every meal he made — and that led to him eating a lot of pasta, ramen noodles and mac & cheese from the box. He also would come out to eat, order an appetizer, then wait for us to leave unfinished food on our plates. But that’s another story.

While I’ll never be that anal-retentive about calculating the per-serving price of every meal I make, I would like to get into the habit of making dinner in advance for the week. This is something Frugal Dreamer does, planning out her dinners for the week.

My schedule isn’t 9-5, which makes it even more important to me to have food prepared for dinner, even if it’s just for Mr. Saver. To that end, I’m making jambalaya today and tortellini and sausage soup tomorrow. Haven’t gotten past that yet, but I’ll be home to make dinner on both Wednesday and Thursday, plus Mr. Saver’s mom sent us home from Sunday dinner with some leftover chicken parmigana. Today I have a leftover half of a sub sandwich from our corner shop, which served as lunch/dinner on Saturday.

Tomorrow, I’ll have to take a trip to Pathmark to get my Coke Zero (that’s where it’s on sale) and pick up a few things like milk and chicken broth for the soup. Today is a trip to CVS for other necessities, including a sheaf of computer paper so I can print out some invoices (very important). Those invoices will get me $$$ just in time for Christmas shopping — I’m budgeting $500 in my head, tops, including Mr. Saver’s gifts. With some family grab bags, it should be doable.

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