Wedding Expenses

While Mr. Saver and I got married back in April, we’re in another wedding coming up this weekend. We’re super-excited and have been looking forward to the festivities. But it does seem a good time to point out the expenses involved in being in weddings — dresses, tuxedos, events, gifts, hairdos, nails.

If you haven’t been in a wedding before, here are a few things to budget for if you’re asked to be a bridesmaid or a groomsman:


— Bridal shower
— Bridal shower gift
— Bachelorette party
— Bridesmaid’s dress
— Dress alterations
— Accesories (shoes, purse, jewelry)
— Hairstyling for the wedding day
— Makeup by a professional
— Manicure/pedicure
— Wedding gift
— Hotel (if wedding is a distance away)

— Bachelor party
— Tuxedo & shoe rental
— Wedding gift
— Hotel (if wedding is a distance away)

If it’s a destination wedding, the costs go up exponentially — factoring in airfare, lodging, transportation and food/entertainment costs.

For me, it’s costing about $1,000 to be in the wedding (Fair’s fair: the soon-to-be-newlyweds were in ours, too!). Mr. Saver had it easy at $300. But we did something smart: Instead of us just trading wedding gift $$$, since our weddings were only 6 months apart, we just called it a wash. Why pass money around? We thought it was a good idea.

Of course, there are ways to cut costs, but this is how we do it in Jersey. Plus, it’s nice to pamper yourself with a makeup artist and hairstylist every once in a while. And in true Rainy-Day Saver fashion, I’m using a gift certificate for my manicure/pedicure, so all is not lost, my friends!

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