Weekend of Fun

Mr. Saver and I are in our friends’ wedding tonight, and we’re so looking forward to it! It’s a shame the weather doesn’t plan to cooperate — rain, rain, rain all day. I may be a “rainy-day saver,” but I like my rainy days in the figurative, not literal, sense! Should be a minimal-spending weekend, except for the hotel room we’re staying in after the wedding.

I probably won’t be making much progress when it comes to the upstairs room we’re renovating, but I plan to try to put up some of the roof ventilation covers this weekend, thanks to my handy new tack hammer.

Other than that, we’re going to take it easy, enjoy the beautiful, colorful changing leaves and relax. Unfortunately, where there are colorful leaves, there are tons of dead leaves on our lawn. I’m not looking forward to raking, that’s for sure.

We have two Halloween parties to go to next Saturday (and had to turn down a third invite). I’m not much for the dressing up part of the holiday, but I’m definitely in favor of the candy part! Maybe I’ll grab a few pumpkins on Sunday and carve them to decorate for Halloween.

Hope everyone is enjoying their fall weekend!

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