End of the Holiday Weekend

I decided to take a few days off from blogging to enjoy our Thanksgiving holiday. It was a pleasure to be home, and we gorged ourselves on turkey dinner for three days straight! In between, we met up with friends and gave the house a good cleaning in anticipation of visiting family later this afternoon.


Happy Thanksgiving, Faithful Readers

Because I know if you’re reading this blog today, you’re hard-core! Wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving to you all. I made cupcakes to bring to my in-laws and aunt’s (we’re house-hopping today). I wanted to make cute turkey cupcakes, but couldn’t find candy corn for the feathers and beak — I’ll have to hoard a […]

East Coast vs. West Coast (And Everywhere In Between)

After a friendly East Coast/West Coast personal finance blogger ribbing last week among Debt Ninja from Punch Debt in the Face, Kelly from Centsible Life and yours truly from Rainy-Day Saver, I got to wondering: How different is the cost of living from one coast to another?

Naturally, living in the NYC/Northern New Jersey metro […]

Made a Donation to Project Hopeful — And It Feels Good!

The other day, J. Money over at Budgets Are Sexy decided to conduct a “lottery experiment” — he bought $100 in scratch-off lottery tickets to see what kind of winnings it could bring.

Being the generous blogger he is, he planned to give all of his winnings to a charity called Project Hopeful. Reader […]

Tips for Getting the Best Deals on Christmas Gifts

Oh, Christmas shopping — how I loathe thee.

I’m all for the spirit of the holidays, but the sales — some great, some just discounts off overinflated prices — make people go out in droves to the store. Me, I personally enjoy doing all of my present-buying online from the comfort of my own home […]

Busy Sunday and Monday

This week, my two off days fall on Sunday and Monday. As such, I’ve lined up an exciting to-do list:

1. Finish raking (and re-raking leaves). The backyard hardly looks touched, even after our rake-a-thon last week. Heaven knows I could use the exercise.

2. Paint more trim. The dining room and kitchen are done, […]

Burned By Online Banking Bill Pay

Maybe my dad was right — you shouldn’t pay your bills on the computer.

I’ve been paying my bills online for years, first through Wachovia, and now through a local bank that’s been around for 100 years and has a dozen or so branches. I’ve never had a problem: I set the payment amount and […]

Black Friday Sales: Are They Worth the Hype?

Are you one of those folks who will risk life and limb just to get that 50-inch plasma HDTV for just under $600 next Friday? How about getting in line after a big turkey dinner and camping outside a store for the night just to snag a laptop for $298? Or maybe you’ll get the […]

Painting the Trim and Molding: Dining Room, Check.

In my quest to make more of a mess out of our house, rather than less, I’ve taken on the monumental task of painting all of the moldings and trim on the first floor. This is no easy feat, as there is wood EVERYWHERE in this place. And not the pretty, dark kind, either. Oh […]

Bad Spending Habits — We All Have Them

While I’ve always had a good handle on my finances, ever since my first (and only) job in retail, making $5.15 an hour (a whopping 10 cents above minimum wage at the time), I still make what I consider poor money decisions. There are days when I spend too much at the grocery store by […]