Another Plant Bites the Dust, and a Mini To-Do List

I’ve never had a green thumb when it comes to plants. While I don’t immediately mark them for death, their demise is more along the lines of slow and painful. Take, for instance, my “lucky bamboo” plant, given to me by Mr. Saver’s aunt when I moved into a new apartment about 6 months after he and I started dating. That was September 2005. Since then, the plant survived two more moves, finally arriving in our new house this past June.

But what was once a robust, three-stalk plant that was growing upward and strong is now hanging on for dear life. Well, I don’t even think it’s hanging on anymore. A few weeks ago, the first stalk lost all of its chlorophyll and turned yellow … wait, I just had an epiphany… it’s been in a nearly sunless room all day for five months.  Anyway, the second stalk is starting to yellow and die, leaving the last, lonely piece of “bamboo.” I’ve just moved it into the sunroom, which is probably where it needed to be. Silly me. And I apparently have forgotten to water it for some time…

While I’m pretty terrible at taking care of plants, I’ve got plenty of other things to do around the house in the next week or so to keep me busy.

To do:

Finish painting trim in the dining room. The trim is uniform on our first floor — it’s stained, but a lot of it doesn’t match up, and the baseboard molding is a scuffy, paint-spattered mess. I’d tried to clean it first, but to no avail, and I don’t want to re-stain it to a darker color because it wouldn’t match the floor.

Work on the upstairs room. We should be able to make some more progress this weekend. Of course, the trim is now a priority because I’ve made a mini mess on the first floor, which we can see. The upstairs room is hidden behind a door.

Clean up the leaves. It’s about that time — most of the leaves have fallen from the trees and carpeted our property. We were using the excuse that the colors were pretty, even when on the grass, but now they’re turning brown and we can’t use that halfhearted stall tactic anymore. Time to rake and bag those bad boys.

Think about Christmas decorating. Yes, it’s still mid-November, but I tossed my old, cat-destroyed Christmas tree after 10 years. We’ll be spending the money on a pre-lit, artificial style, and hope it will last another decade.

Pay credit card #1. I want to put a big chunk toward this card to enable us to pay it off in January, so we can give our full attention to credit card #2. I intend to have that one done by our first wedding anniversary in April, and I’m positive we can make that happen. Being credit card-debt free would be a great present!

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