Busy Sunday and Monday

This week, my two off days fall on Sunday and Monday. As such, I’ve lined up an exciting to-do list:

1. Finish raking (and re-raking leaves). The backyard hardly looks touched, even after our rake-a-thon last week. Heaven knows I could use the exercise.

2. Paint more trim. The dining room and kitchen are done, so I’m moving on to the hallway, which features four doorways worth of trim. Easily the worst of the lot. After the hall comes the living room (a breeze, just floor molding), the bathroom (just the window and the door) and the office (molding blocked by bookcases). Still going to take a while.

3. Start putting up the insulation in the upstairs room. The framing is finally finished, thanks to my dad and brother, so we’re moving on to the next step. Due to my ridiculous fear of heights, I can’t get on a ladder past the second rung — sad, I know — so I’ll stick to the low stuff. The roof insulation will fall to a hardier soul than I.

4. Do some general housekeeping. Vacuuming, cleaning the bathrooms and dusting. Always a blast.

5. Try to sell some gold & silver jewelry to a local jeweler. It’s just sitting here, unworn. No sentimental value, so may as well see what I can get for it.

As always, we’ll see what actually gets done!

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