Ceiling Beams Are Up

Dad and brother came over Sunday to raise the ceiling in the spare room from 7 feet to 8 feet. Bro brought over a ton of lumber yesterday, including 12-foot 2x6s that we had to push up to the second floor over the roof of the first-floor porch room and through the upstairs window. That was fun.

First, we installed the new beams at the 8-foot level, then took down the old ones. I’m working the early shifts this week and am off on Wednesday, when Dad and I will be using 2x4s to rebuild a wall that for some reason had the studs facing flat instead of outward. After that, replacing all of the electrical stuff (outlets, switches), insulation and drywall. Things are finally shaping up!

Since we spent the entire weekend at home, it was a no-spend weekend, which makes me happy. That’s more money to throw at our credit card balances. In fact, the one card I thought would be paid off by February will actually be finished by January! That will leave us with about $2k to pay off on the second credit card. After that, our only debt will be our truck (financed at 0%) and our mortgage.

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