End of the Holiday Weekend

I decided to take a few days off from blogging to enjoy our Thanksgiving holiday. It was a pleasure to be home, and we gorged ourselves on turkey dinner for three days straight! In between, we met up with friends and gave the house a good cleaning in anticipation of visiting family later this afternoon.

We avoided doing any Christmas shopping on Black Friday, although we did need to go to the store. Mr. Saver’s belt buckle snapped off on Thursday night when he went to take it off (not due to a full belly!). He has another “backup” belt that’s not quite long enough, so he insisted we go to the store to get him a new one for our Friday evening meetup with friends. But which store would be the easiest to get into and out of on Black Friday? Since it was after 1 pm, when most of the specials ended, we decided to try Kmart. Got there and the parking lot was only half full — sweet. Get inside, pick out a leather belt for $11, then Mr. Saver sees fleece sweatpants. Get two pairs of those — one pair was $4.99, and he desperately wanted a second pair with a ‘cargo pocket’ for $14.99. Cashier rings up our stuff. I whip out the debit card while he grabs the bag.

Once home, one pair of sweatpants go right on (no, he wouldn’t let me wash them first). Hours later, we start to get ready to head out for the night. Mr. Saver starts asking me where his new belt is.

Mr. Saver: “Where’s the belt?”

Me: “What do you mean, ‘Where’s the belt?'”

Mr. Saver: “The new belt! It’s not here!”

Me: “Are you serious?!”

Mr. Saver: “Arghhhhh!!!”

Needless to say, somehow, the belt didn’t make it into the house. I’m not sure it made it out of the store, since I wasn’t watching the cashier put the three items in the bag. I know we PAID for the belt, but after that, what happened is anyone’s guess. It wasn’t in the car, wasn’t outside of the car. Perhaps it popped out in the parking lot? We’ll never know.

Our Black Friday “shopping” = EPIC FAIL.

Perhaps your shopping expeditions were more successful?

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