Happy Thanksgiving, Faithful Readers

Because I know if you’re reading this blog today, you’re hard-core! Wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving to you all. I made cupcakes to bring to my in-laws and aunt’s (we’re house-hopping today). I wanted to make cute turkey cupcakes, but couldn’t find candy corn for the feathers and beak — I’ll have to hoard a bag next year at Halloween. I settle for sprinkling Reese’s Pieces on them for a fall look. Also made a spice cake that didn’t want to let go of the Bundt pan, but I saved it by cutting it in half, prying it out, “shaving” the top with a butter knife to make it more uniform and drizzling a simple glaze over it.

In the spirit of the holiday, here’s my list of things I’m thankful for this year:

1. The consistent love and support of my wonderful family and friends over the years.
2. To still be employed in the publishing industry in this time of economic downturn, doing something I love.
3. My loving husband — we married in April.
4. To be able to buy a home near to said friends and family at a price we could afford without overreaching.
5. Our two kitties, Krashy and Misfit.
6. Good health.
7. Our push toward eliminating our debt.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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