Made a Donation to Project Hopeful — And It Feels Good!

The other day, J. Money over at Budgets Are Sexy decided to conduct a “lottery experiment” — he bought $100 in scratch-off lottery tickets to see what kind of winnings it could bring.

Being the generous blogger he is, he planned to give all of his winnings to a charity called Project Hopeful. Reader Jerry B seconded that with a pledge to match up to $50 in winnings. That one pledge was quickly followed by others from reader Michele, bloggers Sid of Finance Your Life, Brad of Enemy of Debt, and Forest of Forest on Finance. In the spirit of giving, I also said I’d match winnings up to $25 (I wish it could have been more, but the debt repaying is eating up a lot of our extra cash).

The results: J. Money won just $38  — but with our extra pledged donations, the grand total is $222. Not too shabby!

I made my donation this morning through the nonprofit’s website, and it was a great feeling! If you would like to add a donation of your own, go to Project Hopeful’s website and click on the purple “Donate” button to the right.

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