Beauty Products on the Cheap — Yes, It’s Possible

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“Lose 5 pounds in two days!”“Look 10 years younger in minutes!”“Firmer skin now!”“Reduce wrinkles!”“Shinier, stronger hair!”

Women are bombarded by all of these media messages day in and day out. Is it any wonder many women have self-esteem issues? It’s as if you’re not good enough, skinny enough, pretty enough […]

ShopRite at Home … Again

So for the second time, I did my grocery shopping through ShopRite at Home. I’m beginning to think that it’s actually SAVING me money, despite the $10 fee for the service.

Why? Because instead of rushing through the store and missing potential deals or grabbing items we really don’t need, I can sit down at […]

Another Plant Bites the Dust, and a Mini To-Do List

I’ve never had a green thumb when it comes to plants. While I don’t immediately mark them for death, their demise is more along the lines of slow and painful. Take, for instance, my “lucky bamboo” plant, given to me by Mr. Saver’s aunt when I moved into a new apartment about 6 months after […]

Should You Avoid Using Your Credit Cards?

Sure, it’s tempting to have plastic on you at all times, at the ready for when the urge to shop overcomes you. I know some folks who keep a line of credit cards in their wallets that they display on command like a line of kids’ photos. Because more is better, right? In most cases, […]

Ceiling Beams Are Up

Dad and brother came over Sunday to raise the ceiling in the spare room from 7 feet to 8 feet. Bro brought over a ton of lumber yesterday, including 12-foot 2x6s that we had to push up to the second floor over the roof of the first-floor porch room and through the upstairs window. That […]

Saturday Link Love

It’s the weekend! We’re going to do some projects around the house, and hopefully put up the ceiling in the upstairs bedroom we’re (slowly) renovating.

I keep finding new and exciting personal finance blogs out there — it’s nice to see so many people are interested in their finances and want to help educate […]

Too Many Kitchen Gadgets

Need to make bread? There’s an gadget for that. Want to have homemade ice cream? There’s an gadget for that. Grind your own coffee beans? There’s an gadget for that.

The list goes on and on. Nowadays, there’s pretty much a kitchen appliance or gadget for every cooking or baking task. And they don’t have […]

Switch To An Online Bank for Higher Interest Rates

Sure, brick-and-mortar financial institutions are reassuring. It’s nice to interact with the bank tellers and know that your hard-earned money is going right into your account or coming right into your hands. Transfers between accounts can be done on-site, while a customer service rep or manager will sit with you if you want to open […]

Do You Need Pet Insurance?

Tuesday was a busy day — between straightening up the house and going food shopping, my dad and I had another brainstorming session about the bedroom we’re renovating. But the morning started off with a trip to the vet for our older cat, Krashy.

Our furry little 11-year-old man had an odd black spot on […]

Unfinished Projects Around the House: Making More of a Mess

I finally got out of the house this weekend, after being home from Tuesday through Friday due to illness (except for a trip to the doctor and the pharmacy). We attended two different Halloween parties Saturday night — Mr. Saver was Popeye, and I was Olive Oyl — even though I abhor dressing up, I […]