Saturday Link Love

It’s the weekend! We’re going to do some projects around the house, and hopefully put up the ceiling in the upstairs bedroom we’re (slowly) renovating.

I keep finding new and exciting personal finance blogs out there — it’s nice to see so many people are interested in their finances and want to help educate others. Here are a few of my favorites from the past week:

FreeFromBroke talks about the newest homebuyer tax credits, signed by President Obama this week. See if you qualify at “It’s Official: First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit Extended Now For Existing Owners, Too”

At Consumerism Commentary, we learn that Quicken Online will be phased out and users changed over to the Mint software, in “Quicken Online Users Will Be Migrated to Mint”

“Five ‘Forgotten’ Financial Habits to Develop In Your Twenties” at MoneyUnder30 reminds twentysomethings that it’s never too early to plan your financial future.

Budgets Are Sexy has a good conversation about when talking about salary is appropriate in “Why are you asking about my salary again?”

Have a great weekend!

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