Unfinished Projects Around the House: Making More of a Mess

I finally got out of the house this weekend, after being home from Tuesday through Friday due to illness (except for a trip to the doctor and the pharmacy). We attended two different Halloween parties Saturday night — Mr. Saver was Popeye, and I was Olive Oyl — even though I abhor dressing up, I do it every year.

It was while at party #1 that I was admiring the nice, clean aesthetics of our friends’ house. Each room was painted a different, neutral-but-pleasing color complemented by white trim. That’s when I fully realized what I wanted to do to our house — paint all of the crappy wood trim.

We have nice hardwood floors, but all of the baseboard and door trim is unevenly-stained wood in various shades of golden oak tone. Some pieces are darker than others, and most have specks from the ghost of paint jobs past. Even the doors are stained in the same golden color. It irks me to no end.

So while our upstairs room is still gutted (put on hold due to weddings/sickness), I’m going to fill the time in between with this new project. I plan to sand and prime the trim, remove any quarter-round molding by hand to paint, since it’s flush to the wood floor, and make everything nice and white. It will be painstaking work, but will contrast nicely with the light cream walls.

Today, I took off the door-stop molding in the kitchen doorways, left behind when I took off the doors to the dining room and the hallway — why they were there, I’ll never know. The wood underneath is unstained. I’ll have to fill in the spaces left by the hinges, but the paint will cover that up nicely. I want to paint the door jambs in all doorways for consistency’s sake.

This means another trip to Home Depot for semi-gloss paint. I already have primer left over from the porch room revamp.

Eventually, I want to re-paint the living room another color once we decide what color living room furniture we’ll be getting, but that won’t be until March or so, when our tax refund comes in. For now, I’m content just browsing the websites of every furniture store imaginable.

Hopefully, we can get the lumber in this weekend and start finishing up the second-floor bedroom. Gotta get it done so we can torture ourselves by doing the other room after the holidays.

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