A New Year’s Wish For My Readers

Not only is another year coming to a close, but another decade. 

It was a decade that started out with a lot of tragedy and uncertainty, and the horror of the wars that came out of it. We’ve had a few friends overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan, and are grateful for their safe return. I […]

Goals for 2010: Personal and Financial

Financial1. Pay off our credit cards by the end of April. I know, I sound like a broken record on this one. First card will be paid off in January, leaving about $2500 on the second card. It will take three payments of $800+, but I think we can do it. I want to see […]

I Missed an MSN Smart Spending Mention

Some of your “worst Christmas gifts, ever” from my blog post of the same name were mentioned over on MSN Smart Spending a few weeks ago. Take a look!

Worst Holiday Gifts Note: I fixed the link, it was incorrect earlier today.


Cats: What They Really Cost You

Over the weekend, I found myself telling one of my mother-in-law’s friends how we came to own our second cat, Misfit. He found us. Outside of our old apartment one day, this little gray tabby kitten came over to Mr. Saver as he sat on the stoop smoking a cigarette one day. The furball meowed, […]

Totaling Up the Christmas Damage

The gifts have been opened, the wine bottles emptied and our bellies filled with delicious food and desserts. Christmas was a success! I’m hoping yours was just as wonderful.

I’ve finally gotten around to tallying how much we spent on Christmas gifts this year. I originally wanted our budget to be $300 or so, but […]

It’s a Crazy Christmas Week

I’ve been slacking a bit — trying to get everything ready for Christmas! I should have taken a few days off, but alas, I did not. Only took Christmas Eve, which is a big holiday at Mr. Saver’s uncle’s home. They make the seven fish dishes, as is Italian tradition, and always have a ton […]

Christmas Cookies & Carnivals

I’ve been trying to get ready for Christmas — and I’m not doing too good of a job of it.

The presents I’ve bought have been wrapped, but I still need to get two other gifts, plus something for Mr. Saver, who is notoriously difficult to shop for.

I started to make cookies yesterday, but […]

6 Fun and Cheap Snow Day Activities

The news of an impending snowstorm puts most New Jerseyans into a panic: “Must get bread, milk and eggs!” Everyone dashes to the grocery store at the first news of a few flakes coming in our direction.

People, we’re in Northern New Jersey. We almost never get as much snow as they forecast. The roads […]

A Credit Card With 79.9% Interest Rate!?

Seriously, who would want a card with an interest rate set at 79.9%?

The Associated Press describes the brains behind the operation, First Premier Bank, as a “subprime credit card issuer.” The fee for the first year of owning the card is $75 for just a $300 line of credit — the fee had previously […]

When to Stop Being a Spender and Become a Saver — What Was Your Breaking Point?

The difference between a spender and a saver is simple:

The spender will blow an entire paycheck (and then charge more on credit cards) to maintain the lifestyle to which he is accustomed.

The saver will already know where that paycheck is going, down to the last penny, and save a chunk of it.

The […]