A New Year’s Wish For My Readers

Not only is another year coming to a close, but another decade

It was a decade that started out with a lot of tragedy and uncertainty, and the horror of the wars that came out of it. We’ve had a few friends overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan, and are grateful for their safe return. I saw Americans of all colors and creeds unite — even if it was far too briefly — learned that the U.S. economy isn’t infallible, and watched the Yankees begin (2000) and end (2009) the decade with World Series championships.

I went on an amazing, life-altering two-week trip to Italy, and almost didn’t come back because I wanted to stay. As I’m in New Jersey, that didn’t happen, but I’d like to return to the country in the next decade.

After a few personal setbacks, I found the man whom I want to — no, WILL — spend the rest of my life with. Who knew — we went to high school together, but never talked. Things happen for a reason.

I fulfilled one of my lifelong dreams — to own a home. We became homeowners in June.

My career continued on an upward trajectory and I’ve met (and re-met) a lot of great people.

I continue to have the wonderful support of friends and family, no matter what crazy schemes I come up with (like starting a blog — oh noes, the Internets!).

Some of my favorite childhood memories involve New Year’s Eve celebrations. When my brother and I were kids, our dad would take us to his friend’s restaurant for a big party. The party was not just a New Year’s Eve party, but a huge family gathering to celebrate the December 31 birthday of another of my father’s friends. The birthday boy is one of seven siblings, and he threw the party to get his entire family together — brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews. There were so many kids there! Many of them were around our ages, so we always had a blast — it was kid mayhem. We played the one or two arcade games that were by the front door, had contests to see who could dial the furthest area code on the pay phone (and automated message told you how much you’d owe for the two-minute call), watched the ball drop on the huge projection TV and lit sparklers outside afterward while the adults shot off fireworks. It was wonderful, clean fun.

So my wish for you, dear readers, is to make the most out of the next decade of life. Live for today, not only for tomorrow. But be financially responsible about it, of course. Continue to save for a rainy day, and enjoy the time you have here on Earth.  

Happy New Year!

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