Christmas Cookies & Carnivals

I’ve been trying to get ready for Christmas — and I’m not doing too good of a job of it.

The presents I’ve bought have been wrapped, but I still need to get two other gifts, plus something for Mr. Saver, who is notoriously difficult to shop for.

I started to make cookies yesterday, but only did one recipe from start to finish. Hoping to at least make the rest of the doughs today and start baking tonight. Hopefully, I can finish Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

Meanwhile, our house is a happy holiday wreck — baking stuff is all over the kitchen, Christmas gifts and decorations still need to be further dealt with, and everything just needs to be tidied up. The cats are having a field day with the tree and the garland around the bannister, which has already been half-dismantled by their little paws and teeth.

After Christmas, we’ll be having a New Year’s Eve bash, too. At least I’ll have some time to clean and do party prep before then.

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