Christmas Shopping Deals: Macy’s & Kohl’s

Instead of grocery shopping today, I trekked to the mall to search for deals and to put a bigger dent in our Christmas shopping. Oh, the glorious Willowbrook Mall in Wayne, N.J. — I think I was practically raised there, for as often as I was taken there as a kid. I knew how to get there by car before the age of 8.

My first stop was Macy’s, because I had coupons — $15 off a $50 purchase; $25 off a $100 purchase — in duplicate. I was able to use the $15 off coupon on one set of gifts; moving into another department, I got a gift at 40% off; and in a third, another gift at 60% off. The last two weren’t coupon-eligible due to being great deals that came in under $50.

I wandered around the mall a bit but didn’t find anything else suitable for gift-giving, so I schlepped back to parking lot, where I briefly forgot where I left the car — until I remembered I’d parked in front of a light pole. After successfully discovering my car, I came back home to unload my treasures (and hide a few things).

As I was gearing up to head out again — this time to Kohl’s — I suddenly had an epiphany. Why fight for a spot, stand in line for 45 minutes and only get 15% off my purchases? With a little research, I was sure I could do better than a lousy 15%, right?

So I went to, picked the items I wanted and got ready to check out using my Kohl’s credit card. But before doing that, I did a little Google search for Kohl’s online coupons. Lo and behold, I found the most awe-inspiring coupon one can find for that store: The coveted 30% off coupon code! I put that sucker right into the promo code area, where I was met with another surprise. You can use up to TWO promo codes. Which is great, because once I applied the 30% off coupon, my total dipped below the $100 threshold required for free shipping.

Before coupons: $131, including $15 for shipping

After coupons:  $72 and free shipping.

That’s a savings of $49, and nothing to sneeze at. Plus, I saved gas money and time, and avoided aggravation. Easy-peasy.

The downside is that I put the $72 on my Kohl’s card. But that will be paid off immediately upon the balance posting and delivery of the items, and not at the expense of our credit card repayments.

Kohl’s coupon codes:
30% off — CHRISTMAS30
Free shipping — NOCHARGE
(Note: I’m pretty sure use of a Kohl’s credit card is required for the 30% off promo code to work).

Be sure to use all caps. Both of these codes worked for me on December 15. I can’t guarantee they’ll continue to be valid, but from what I’ve read, they should work through December 24. Good luck and happy shopping!

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