It’s a Crazy Christmas Week

I’ve been slacking a bit — trying to get everything ready for Christmas! I should have taken a few days off, but alas, I did not. Only took Christmas Eve, which is a big holiday at Mr. Saver’s uncle’s home. They make the seven fish dishes, as is Italian tradition, and always have a ton of food. Alas, I will be back at work on Saturday for an accelerated deadline due to the holidays, but that’s the nature of the job. One day, I hope to enjoy the holidays like most other folks do, by working LESS — not more!

But I’ve spent the past few days shopping for presents, baking many batches of cookies, and wrapping gifts. I still have another batch of cookies to bake — the dough is in the freezer for this evening — and a few presents left to wrap up. I try to hold off on putting on bows and ribbon until the very last minute, since our younger cat, Misfit, loves to play with the pretty metallic stuff. That goes for stuff on the tree, too. At least we can close the door to the room the tree is in from now on. Another point for the new house!

I’m hoping to tally up the cost of our gift-giving this year, and share the results with you. But I did a LOT better than last year. I also intend to make a list of my 2010 goals, because I think I need to get them down on paper — typing on a blog is sort of like pen and paper, no? Okay, it’s really not, but you get the idea.

I probably won’t post again until Monday, but to everyone out there who celebrates,

Merry Christmas!

— xoxo Nicole, Rainy-Day Saver

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