Male PF Bloggers vs. Female PF Bloggers

Just an observation: Seems to me that although there are tons of us personal finance bloggers out there, sometimes it’s like a 6th-grade dance: boys on one side, girls on the other. Particularly on Twitter, the topics also tend to be segregated by gender — the gals will talk about saving money on purchases, like groceries and clothes/shoes/purses, and the guys will go on about putting their hard-earned money into savings vehicles like IRAs, stocks and 401(k)s.

Basically, the ladies are all about finding ways to save. The gentlemen may not necessarily be pinching pennies, but they’re looking for a big return. Of course, both are valid ways to increase the money in your coffers.

Does anyone else see this difference?

So it’s only fair that this week’s Saturday link love is divided into women vs. men!

In this corner: The Ladies!

  • Single Ma at Fabulous Financials pondered an issue many parents are faced with in How Will We Pay For College. Her daughter got into her #1 choice school — congrats to her! — and Mom now is wondering about the best course of action for paying the tuition.
  • Little House in the Valley tackles Wrapping Paper Alternatives. Sort of funny, because I had that lined up as an upcoming blog post, but she beat me to it — and did it well.


In this corner: The Fellas!

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