Extreme Frugal Ideas: Do You Flush?

Is there such a thing as being too frugal? Sure, we all look for ways to cut costs, but how far will you go to save a buck?

I’ll admit that I have some money-saving habits that may be construed as strange: I cut steel wool scrub pads in half to make them last longer since they […]

Christmas Shopping Deals: Macy’s & Kohl’s

Instead of grocery shopping today, I trekked to the mall to search for deals and to put a bigger dent in our Christmas shopping. Oh, the glorious Willowbrook Mall in Wayne, N.J. — I think I was practically raised there, for as often as I was taken there as a kid. I knew how to […]

Rainy-Day Saver on the Web

Another Tuesday, another day of paying bills and running errands. I think I may suck it up and head over to the mall for a little more “last-minute” Christmas shopping. I’m now armed with more information about what family members would like as presents, so it’s worth it. Macy’s has some great coupons, and I’ll […]

Savory Parmesan Shortbread Rounds

This is a guest post from Casey at Good. Food. Stories. — an excellent blog spotlighting culinary delights and offering up delicious recipes and techniques.

It’s mid-December and I’m feeling a little Grinchy. It doesn’t help to be bombarded with gift guilt on a freelancer’s budget, and that’s why I’m thanking my stars for the renewed […]

Gas Heat: Trying To Cut Down, Again

I’ve been watching the little dials on our gas meter spin around at warp speed these past few days. The Northeast finally got a taste of winter, with temperatures in the low-30s for highs (Upper Midwesterners, insert your jokes here).

Those dials spin like crazy when the furnace is doing its thing. After the crazy bills […]

Male PF Bloggers vs. Female PF Bloggers

Just an observation: Seems to me that although there are tons of us personal finance bloggers out there, sometimes it’s like a 6th-grade dance: boys on one side, girls on the other. Particularly on Twitter, the topics also tend to be segregated by gender — the gals will talk about saving money on purchases, like […]

My Dirty Secret: A 401(k) Confession

Debt Ninja over at Punch Debt in the Face (check out his Christmas-themed header for a laugh) has lowered his 401(k) contributions from 8% to 5% of his gross salary. Reading his post led me to ‘fess up about my 401(k) contributions.

Back in June, I dropped my contribution from 8% to 6%.  My reasoning is […]

So Long, Editor & Publisher

It was announced Thursday that Editor & Publisher will cease to exist — both in print and online — at the end of the month. While I admit I almost never read the print publication, I’ve been reading it online for a few years now. And I’m sad to see it go. Another bastion of […]

Gift Cards: Practical or Impersonal?

If you’re like me, you don’t really like getting gift cards as a Christmas present. Sure, they’re convenient and are great for a gift-giving in a pinch, but I find them to be pretty impersonal when that’s all you give or get from someone. Don’t get me wrong — I do appreciate it when I […]

Charm Your Way Into Discounts

Being social can save you money. Uh huh, that’s right. Making conversation and small talk can win you discounts and freebies — all for being your charming, friendly self.

In fact, I proved this point yesterday. I had to bring my brother’s necklace to the jeweler for repair. While there, I mentioned that I needed some […]

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