Turn Your Hobbies Into Extra Income

Unless you spend all your free time watching TV — and there are some folks out there who do that — you have hobbies. Maybe you do a little crocheting or knitting, or fiddle around with electronics. Perhaps you love to cook for a crowd or bring your trusty camera to every event. Wouldn’t it be great to make a little extra income on the side to help pay off those holiday bills or credit cards?

My current hobbies are writing and working on do-it-yourself projects around the house, like painting or tiling. I also dabble in sewing and like to make purses. See, right there are a few different ideas for extra income!

Some ideas for turning hobbies into paying side jobs:
1. Sew or crochet specialty items. As I said, I like to make purses and tote bags (like the one at right). I’ve sold a few, but if you have more time, you could make this into a regularly paying gig. Tell family and friends you’re for hire!

2. Become a professional photographer. If you take pictures that have your friends and family saying, “Wow!” why not try to market yourself as a photographer-for-hire? Take photos of weddings, christenings and parties, or do portraiture sessions for expectant mothers, prom couples, or Christmas cards.

3. Write for some extra cash. If you can work wonders with the English language, look for writing projects. Perhaps a friend has a business that needs press releases or a brochure that needs text.

4. Offer your DIY skills. Many folks look for someone to paint a room for them, or stain trim. Because you’ve done this before, you likely have the tools on hand and wouldn’t have to spend any money.

5. Cook for a crowd. Does everyone rave about your chicken marsala or your banana bread? Start a catering business. A few friends of mine have gone this route, and it’s been a great help to their finances.

You won’t know how marketable your hobby skills are unless you put yourself out there.Give it a shot — the extra income is surely worth it!

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1 comment to Turn Your Hobbies Into Extra Income

  • Good ideas, but you have to be careful to factor in the cost of your materials and your time! For example, I knit my husband a beautiful fisherman knit turtleneck sweater a few years ago. 100% ivory wool-it was gorgeous. It also took me all summer to knit. If I considered myself to be working at minimum wage, that sweater probably “cost” me a couple hundred bucks in labor. 🙂

    I’m not say not to knit for extra money-I just am saying to consider if that is the wisest use of your time. Some cute little knit handbags would probably take a lot less time, and could be sold for more of a “profit” even taking your hourly “wage” into account.