Insulation is Up!

We are so close to just needing to sheetrock the walls. I put up most of the insulation on Monday before work, with just 2/3 of the roof rafters left to be covered. Then we can clean up the extra wood and mess we made and prepare for sheetrocking!

The windows are in, and we can already feel a difference — they keep a lot of the cold air out.

We started this project back in October, but are finally hitting our stride. There’s some concern that the sheetrock won’t make the turn from the stairs into the room, but we’re going to see. I made a “pretend” 4×8′ sheet with the foam rafter vents and it seems to work. If it doesn’t, we’re going to have to do some creative cutting to make it work and still put up the drywall with minimal seams.

While we’re lucky enough to be renovating a very sturdy home, the people of Haiti are not as fortunate — many have lost what little they had, due to the 7.0 earthquake that struck the country on Tuesday. Consumerism Commentary has an excellent list of reputable charities if you’d like to make a donation to help.

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