Life Getting in the Way

I’ve been having some trouble finding time to post this week — please forgive me! I suppose it’s just life getting in the way. I’ve had a lot of non-blog-related things to do outside of work (some of which is socializing away from the computer and out in the ‘real world’) and picked up some (more) freelance work, and my blogging has suffered.

Which leads me to ponder the idea of posting only a few days a week — a schedule, if you will. Perhaps dedicated posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with posts on any other days as “bonuses.”

I have a lot of post ideas that I’m working on, so good content is on its way. I also will have my first-ever book review on Rainy-Day Saver, about “Secrets of a Stingy Scoundrel” by Phil Villarreal, which is a hoot.

Thanks for your patience and dedication!

– Nicole

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